5 Natural Stress Relievers That Work

Try these herbs for a safe and efficient way to reduce stress by using nature's own medicine cabinet

Stress, anxiety, and resultant fatigue are inherent parts of the fast-paced lifestyle of urban culture. While we cannot give up on the lifestyle if we want to keep up professionally, there are a few habits and treatments that can help. But, the safest choices are natural stress relievers—like certain herbs which help to rejuvenate us mentally and improve the overall quality of life. Here we have listed a few such herbs and the different ways to take them.



Intaking kava moderately is an effective solution against anxiety. However, one should only take it for short periods. Over-intake of kava can affect the liver which is why the herb is not as popular. But when taken moderately, kava can calm the mind and help you focus. It is mostly taken as a herbal tea or tonic. Only ingest kava during bouts of anxiety rather than making it a part of your lifestyle. It is one of the most effective natural stress relievers, provided you ingest it moderately.



The flower and plant of lavender is an age-old effective herb that is popular for its exotic aroma and flavour. Lavender oil has always been a natural choice for inducing sleep. This is because it is a natural stress reliever that helps with anxiety and depression. It also helps with PTSD. Inhaling lavender oil or brewing herbal tea are different ways of using this herb. It reduces the level of cortisol in your body which controls the symptoms of anxiety.



Ashwagandha has earned a reputation as a multi-benefit herb for many reasons. It is also one of the best natural stress relievers. It reduces anxiety, and fatigue and also has anti-inflammatory properties. If you have trouble with mood swings and temper, this herb can moderate that as well. You can take ashwagandha churna daily with some milk or warm water. The herb can be used every day in moderation as directed by your physician. This natural stress reliever is a widely available herb in India, making it an affordable choice too.



For ages, Brahmi has been used by students to improve focus and memory to study well. Anyone who is forgetful is often recommended to have brahmi. But besides its ability to boost memory, it is also one of the best natural stress relievers which helps you combat anxiety and depression. It helps to improve irregular sleep patterns, makes the body more relaxed and also uplifts the mood. All these together inhibit your anxiety and help you lead a more stress-free life. You can ingest brahmi in several ways like cooking the greens any way you want or having Brahmi churna and similar supplements.



Chamomile is a well-known natural stress reliever that has always been used against anxiety and nervousness. Chamomile tea is the best natural remedy to relax your mind and induce sleep. Chamomile contains phenolics and various antioxidant compounds that can reduce stress, relieve menstrual cramps and promote relaxation. It is also one of the safest natural stress relievers that anyone can ingest without any worries about side effects. Chamomile is mostly taken as tea and tonic and should be drunk while it is still warm.


Excessive stress reduces our quality of life and also compromises our health and productivity. But making natural stress relievers a part of your lifestyle can significantly counteract the effects. From herbal teas to tonics, these herbs can be ingested in any form. Get the maximum benefits out of your supplements to reduce the adverse effects of stress on your daily life.


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