5 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha

From relieving stress to soothing arthritis, ashwagandha is a powerful natural remedy that has been used for centuries

One of the miracle herbs in Ayurveda is ashwagandha, also known as withania somnifera or the Indian Ginseng. It has been extensively used against various ailments, notably as a treatment for insomnia and arthritis. From ashwagandha tablets to powders and teas, this “queen of herb” can be ingested in several ways to treat many health problems. Here are the top 5 science-backed health benefits of ashwagandha, which will enlighten you of its usefulness and versatility. 


#1 Relieves anxiety and stress


One of the primary health benefits of ashwagandha is its ability to relieve stress and anxiety. Rightly called an adaptogenic herb, ashwagandha reduces the activity of HPA or the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which controls our stress response. Taking ashwagandha tablets or powder can help you sleep better without any side effects. As a result, you minimise daily stress and anxiety. The best way to take the herb is as a herbal tea at night before bed. You can also take the ashwagandha tablets occasionally when you are unable to sleep.


#2 Boosts fertility in men


Ashwagandha can help to improve the male fertility rate significantly. Ashwagandha churna ingestion may increase the production of DHEA-S, which helps to produce testosterone. The herb can also increase the concentration of sperm (167%), semen volume (53%), and sperm motility (57%), according to a journal listed in PubMed. As per the survey, at least a 17% increase in testosterone levels is observed among 48 men who had consumed ashwagandha supplements.



#3 Soothes arthritis


An undeniable, scientifically-backed health benefit of the ashwagandha herb is its soothing properties against arthritis. Ashwagandha, being an analgesic, may be suitable to treat the disease. It helps to relieve the patient from the chronic pain caused by arthritis. It is also a cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibitor. This means, by taking ashwagandha tablets you can numb chronic pain. Many studies also show that the COX inhibitors in the herb can help to provide relief from rheumatoid arthritis.


#4 Increases muscle and strength


Ashwagandha is a natural herb that can help with improving strength and muscle size. Consuming ashwagandha tablets or powder daily can help to lower cholesterol levels and build muscle strength. It also reduces the body fat percentage and your core muscle strength improves steadily. Improved core muscle strength ensures your movements are as agile as ever. The herb can also prevent post-workout muscle damage. Altogether, the herb can effectively help with building muscles and strength of the user at the core level.


#5 Soothes inflammation


Ashwagandha helps to reduce inflammation by inhibiting MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinases) and NF-κB pathways, which is one of the three inflammatory signalling pathways. These play a crucial role in inducing, promoting, and regulating the inflammatory responses of the body. It is responsible for targeting the inflammatory pathways of the body. It can also significantly reduce the C-reactive protein, which is another inflammatory marker. However, to witness such results, you must continue using ashwagandha tablets for at least a few months.


Ashwagandha’s ability to relieve pain is another health benefit that indirectly helps to soothe the results of the inflammation. You can lead a better lifestyle when you are not feeling so much physical pain.


Now that you have some proven health benefits of the ashwagandha for reference, you can make more informed decisions about ingesting the herb. Whether you take ashwagandha tablets or in the form of herbal tea, make sure you carefully go through the prescription or the instructions and consult an expert in ayurveda.



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