Ayurvedic Diet: How To Pick The Correct Dosha Food

Ayurvedic Diet: How To Pick The Correct Dosha Food

The rules and principles to follow for an ayurvedic diet


Ayurveda is an age-old medical science, where humans are explained as being composed of different types of energy. There are predominantly three “doshas” that dominate the body and mind: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. According to Ayurveda, we remain healthy when these doshas are balanced.


Every person has a unique combination of doshas and to maintain balanced physical, mental, and emotional health, their ayurvedic diet should also have the required combination of wholesome healthy foods. Here we have a guide to maintaining a balanced dosha and the best dosha food for this.


Tips to choose the right dosha food


There are three doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Certain dosha food items are more suitable than others. The first task is to recognise the dosha that dominates your health. Here are a few features for each dosha based on which they should select the right food:




Vata, or air dosha dominant is all about space and active minds. They are creative and energetic people who are usually light sleepers and have thin frames. When Vata dosha gets imbalanced, one may suffer from restlessness and weakness.


  • Vata dosha should have a consistent daily routine, make time for rest, avoid extreme cold and dry climates, reduce too much travel and movement, and get enough sleep.
  • As Vata dosha gets cold easily, the ideal dosha food for them is warm and nourishing. Fatty items like butter should be included in their diet. Warm milk, stews, herbal tea, nut butter, freshly baked bread, and warm drinks are suitable.
  • Vata dosha should avoid food like iced drinks, cold salads, raw vegetables, too much caffeine, and unripe food.
  • As they tend to suffer more from cold, tea to soothe coughs and colds will be relaxing for their symptoms and must be included in their ayurvedic diet.




Those who are dominated by Pitta dosha are intelligent, ambitious, and sharp-witted. They usually have athletic bodies and are warm and deep sleepers. When their dosha gets imbalanced, they often suffer from rashes, heartburn, and indigestion.


  • Pitta dosha has good digestion and metabolism. They are sound sleepers but for a shorter time. They are also energetic and have a strong appetite. However, they may also suffer from indigestion, excessive body heat, and heartburn hence their ayurvedic diet should be more on the cooler side.
  • They thrive best in cooler temperatures, need moderate exercise, and moderation in physical as well as emotional activities, and must engage in quiet and contemplative activities.
  • Their ayurvedic diet should be balanced. They should avoid extremely hot food. Bitter, sweet, and astringent tastes suit them best. Cool and refreshing dosha food like salads, mint, or licorice tea is good for their gut health.
  • Cold cereals, cinnamon toast, and apple tea are also good as breakfast for Pitta dosha food.
  • They should avoid excess butter, sour cream, pickles, and cheese. Alcoholic and fermented food should be avoided too. Anything fried, hot, or salty should be avoided or had in moderation.
  • They can especially try detox tea to soothe symptoms of indigestion.




Kaphas are calm, nurturing, and thoughtful. They are generally sound sleepers and have solid body frames. If the dosha is out of balance and not following an ayurvedic diet, those dominated by Kapha dosha may get overweight, depressed, and oversleep.


  • Kapha dosha should avoid sleeping during the day and wake up early. They should indulge in more exercise, and perform activities that stimulate the body and mind. They should also indulge in challenges and a more activity-oriented lifestyle.
  • Warm, light, and well-cooked meals are as favorable as the Kapha dosha food. They can also have raw fruits. Spicy food is also good for Kaphas, especially during the winter. Baked, broiled, grilled, and sauteed food is more suitable. Their ayurvedic diet should include spices like cumin, fenugreek, turmeric, and sesame seeds.
  • They should reduce sweets and fatty food intake. The daily salt consumption must get moderated too. Kaphas tend to overeat hence that should be kept in check as well. Avoid deep-fried food, sugar, and chilled drinks as well.


Now that you have a guide to choosing the best dosha food as per your dosha, you can ensure optimal health. A balanced ayurvedic diet is a pillar of your health and only when your dosha is balanced, you can reap the maximum benefits of ayurvedic treatments.

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